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BOH Electronics – Electromechanical Assembly

BOH Electronics has aligned strategic relationships with metal fabricators, circuit board designer/manufacturers, and plastic molders to offer our customers a turnkey option for their electromechanical assembly. Whether your product requires an off the shelf enclosure box, custom fabricated mounting plate, or a complex PCB–we can help.

Box Build:
With years of experience as a leading box build manufacturer, BOH Electronics supplies box build enclosures for many different OEM’s, both large and small. We build for many different markets including Industrial, Medical and Commercial assemblies.

Control Panel:

BOH Electronics builds custom control panels for small and large OEM’s applications in various markets. We can provide a turnkey solution complete with the enclosure, components, and wiring based on your needs. We assemble custom panels ranging from small table top to large scale metal cabinets.

Circuit Board Integration:
BOH Electronics can provide complete turnkey solutions involving printed circuit board assemblies, metal fabrications, and wire assemblies. We work seamlessly with our partners in offering a variety of PCB assemblies.

For more information about the aforementioned products, please call us at 715-381-1468

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